creative services

  • We are creative on a daily basis; it is what we do best.  We offer the following creative services:

    Copywriting: We write copy everyday for leaflets, advertising, websites or store brochures.   Each type of media has its own set of requirements to get the maximum impact i.e. website copy needs to be written with SEO in mind, advertising needs to have a hook etc.

    Photography: Centre Marketing has some truly great photographers all of whom are excellent at capturing moments and stunning shots.  They say a picture tells a thousand words and for this reason we only have the very best.

    Design: Centre Marketing designers mix visual elements to look great and deliver a message effectively.  We produce high quality work that is not only eye catching but communicates the message.

    Re-Branding: An opportunity to either modernise a brand or a chance to start again.  After consultation and consideration we will complete a brand guide which should be used by all contractors and media outlets to deliver a uniform message.  Everything from photographic style to colour palettes will be detailed as well as examples of how branding should be used on stationary, website and uniforms.

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